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Hide Wizard-Hide windows and hide folder hide windows,processes,files and folders
Size: 625 KB
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Taskbar Hide hide windows program Taskbar Hide 1.5 Taskbar Hide allows you to control your taskbar and optionally hide or to unhide or arrange/rearrange programs
Size: 754 KB
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hide application hide hide messages hide file hide program  
Taskbar Hide - hide windows program hide windows program tool,hide applications,hide icons,auto maximize new window
Size: 754.2 KB
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hide application hide tray-based hide messages hide file  
HDHide -- Hide Drives Hide Protects your hard drives from UNAUTHORIZED access.
Size: 14.5 KB
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invisible nodrives HDHide hide drives invisidrive  
Hide Any Window (hide windows) Hide Any Window is hide windows software. Using Hide Any Window you can hide windows, hide programs, hide applications, hide tray icons, mute sound, minimize all windows, close browsers windows by hot
Size: 125394K
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hide application hide hide messages hide file hide program  
Upgrade Hide IP to Hide IP Platinum The only difference between Hide IP and Hide IP Platinum is the proxy server they search for. Hide IP Platinum searches HIGH...
Size: Evaluation
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hide application ip hide Connect IP Server IP Server  

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B-Calm Privacy Instantly hide your applications from prying eyes and then recover them later!
Size: 541 KB
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key panic hotkey hide application window hider panic hotkey  
leetHider Basic The most advanced window hiding software available, at an affordable price.
Size: 864 KB
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hide application window hider hide hide window hider hiding  
WinRAP WinRAP ( Windows Running Applications Protector ) is a utility which allows you to hide windows application, and hide programs which are running on your screen. It will instantly hide all or certain p
Size: 218 KB
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hide application hide reveal hide messages hide file  
AppAway Using AppAway application you will be able to hide your window applications while they run in the background
Size: 318.95K
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show hide application hide tray hidden application  
RunHidden A simple command-line tool to hide applications to start
Size: 40 KB
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hide application hide hidden hider Application Hider  
HideMe Lets you to manage all of your running applications
Size: 1.43MB
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manager secure security encrypt hide application  

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Hide All You can also hide the application itself so that it isn't visible as well. When you want Hide All to be visible again simple hold down control and tap H. Complete usage instructions available by click...
Size: 519 KB
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desktop icon hide Taskbar Hider Icon hider Desktop Hider  
OurSecret The interface of the application is very intuitive therefore in 3 clicks you can hide your information. Just select the desired 'carrier file' (which will hide the information), select what kind of in...
Size: 1.1 MB
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hide messages hide file hide files send files  
Aarifs Process Manager for Windows Minimize to tray hide: Hide any application. Hide others Change Transparency. You can also right click on PMW icon in tray and: You can Hide All Open windows Unhide them all in one go You can even hid...
Size: -
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Window Hide Tool Hide any application window using a hotkey or via an icon in your tray. Window Hide Tool will help you to quickly hide a window of any application. You can set hotkeys for basic program commands: hid...
Size: 543.95K
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hide application hide window Hide Icon Hide Desktop Icon  
Hide Wizard Hide application window and process Easy way to make your PC secret invisible Concerned about computer privacy? The best protection against prying eyes is making your secrets invisible, Hide Wizard i...
Size: 659K
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hide application hotkey hide hider hiding file hiding  
Hide and Protect More, Hide and Protect compress and encrypt your application, and has mechanism of monitoring of your application.
Size: 1114
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protect hide protect pendisk AlertPay protect